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Two things

Firstly: It's hailing. When does it FUCKING hail in JUNE?!?!?! I ask you!!

Secondly: I;m my boyfriend's first girlfriend. I stayed over at his place last night, and it seemed he was scared of kissing me. He even said "Don't expect me to be that good of a kisser right off the bat." "Of course not," I said "But my first boyfriends taught me, it's the leas I can do to teach you!"

So after, what, two, weeks of us dating, we've FINALLY open mouth kissed. No tongue, though. Like he's afraid that his inexperience will scare me off or something?!?!

I need your guys' help with this one. Do I push him? Do I let him lead? Do I give him a blow-job on the 20th at my party? WHAT?!?!? THis is the first inexperienced guy I've ever dated!!

On a side note, I'm supposed to be studying Social Studies 30 for my diploma tomorrow. BAH!

Edit: Kay, I lied. I have a third thing

Thirdly: I've almost finished Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vongurt Jr. Here is my reaction:

Tags: ramblings ftw, rl is funny sometimes..., weather??? what is this weather you spea

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