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So... my phone is ded.

It's kinda a big deal for me. One, it cost 79$$. It's an LG Chocolate, and has served me well for the past... err.... 7 months? Anyway, it's more than just a phone. It's simultaneously My calender, my alert reminder, my watch, my camera, my gameboy, my notebook and a means of communication with the WORLD. I have this new one that's already broken, but just the shell is, not the internal wiring.

FOr some reason, the past week or so, I have not been able to call people and speak to them, only call them and have silence. Not dead air, silence. And it randomly calls people without me trying. I didn't necessarily want the Chocolate Brand Name Phone. I just wanted a slide. But I'm kinda at a loss without it. That thing has helped me keep track of my life. "Hey, HD. Going to a gay bar on the 17th. You in?"

Thankfully I still had my phone for that confrontation and I could say "Nothing I'll book it off", but now I don't remember what I'm doing and when! I can't remember things like that! I can't even remember to look in an agenda or on a calender!!! Heck, I can't even remember where I put the card I use five times a week for work!

All in all, I'm at a loss.
Tags: rl is funny sometimes..., technology can bite my ass, well

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