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Kay. It's really rude of you to come charging in here like you own the place. I know you're sore that we started December without you, but really. You came for a couple of days in October, but then you left. Really, it's your fault. We couldn't just put the whole year on hold while you decided to come back.

So really, the violent winds aren't nessecery. Peaceful snowflakes and the like are more than welcome.




I made my epic awesome gingerbread house. 28 hours, give or take.

My, this was a fun time...   You have to look at it sideways...      SQUID!!!               
 So, lessons I learned:

It's the details that matter

You can't get frustrated when something doesn't go as well as you planned. I almost cried a few times before realizing it wasn't worth crying over and the details could be fixed. Just calm down HD.

Dowles under unbaked gingerbread actually make them look like towers and curves o.O That was just a wild idea I had. But, hey. Towers ftw?



Hope you like it!


For more pictures, go to :


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