HD Darkensaw (hdluff4eva) wrote,
HD Darkensaw

Dear Dorkus Maximus

I simply don't understand why you think the world should bend to your every whim. You're not special. If anything, you're extremely normal. So why should you not have to follow the rules set out by your parents? I mean, Ok, they don't let you drown yourlesf in alcohol every other night, or stay out late on a school night, but, honestly? If you could get your lazy ass out of bed to make it to school on time every morning, and wern't blaming your failing grades on lack of sleep, then there wouldn't be an issue.

Also, running away to stay at your friends house is also not the solution. For one, he lives in the boonies, so you'll have to get up even earlier, seeing as you have to walk to school. For two, his parents are going to have the same rules as ours.

You know, Simply not liking the rules is no reason to not follow them. I don't like having to clean, but if I am to stay at home, I have to participate in the family activities. Maybe if you get arrested for having a fake ID, you'll learn that some rules are there for a reason. Cause that's what happens in the real world. You go to jail of you break a rule. You don't get grounded, you don't lose a ride somewhere, you go to jail. And you'll end up being someone's bitch. And I'll laugh.

So fuck you, dork. Just run the fuck away and cause anger between our parents, cause that's what you're doing!!!!!! and I'll go down south for school and we'll see how well the family deals without me to fucking hold it all together.


On a happier note, I have discovered an Isreli artist that I'm absolutely in love with... Ivri Lider  He is om nom nom.

And I may be quitting my job. I can't wait until I'm my own boss. That will be so awesome, cause I hate the lady who is directly above me, even though I love the guy that is directly above her. Maybe I'll see if I can transfer. That may work.

And on annother sad note, my Electronics have banded against me. Anyone want to walk me through re instaling my external Harddrive, or help me figure out what's up with my mp3 player?

Happy belated new year everyone!!!

Tags: dorkus maximus strikes again!!!, food=om nom, rl is funny sometimes..., work is a bitch

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