HD Darkensaw (hdluff4eva) wrote,
HD Darkensaw

Dear Mr. Taylor

To the best teacher I've ever had.


Mr. Taylor,


Thanks: used to express gratitude to somebody


Looking at it, that word seems like such a weak word for what I want to say, but if that’s as precise and the English Language gets, it’ll have to do.


Firstly, thank you for putting up with me in grade 10. I remember being a strange person


Thank you for teaching me how to do dishes


Thank you for believing in me


Thank you for helping me believe in myself


Thank you for giving me confidence


Thank you for always expecting so much of me, and getting me to expect the same


Thank you for teaching me to think “how can I make it better” instead of “it’s good enough”


Thank you for showing me off when I did my best


Thank you for showing me I don’t need to draw or paint to create art


Thank you for drilling “recipes are guidelines” into my head


Thank you for making me understand sarcasm


Thank you for helping me be OK around Wade. You’re right, I wouldn’t know how to act


Thank you for teaching me that food that fails is not something to cry about.


Thank you for teaching me more than just cooking skills


Thank you for making me want to come back, just for your class


Thank you for being the best teacher I’ve ever had


Thank you for teaching me how to make a cream soup (8oz margarine, 8oz flour, 2 liters milk)


Thank you for teaching me how to cut an onion


Thank you because I now know (mostly) the parts of a cow (I think…)


Thank you for telling me to mix with my hands


Thank you for making me taste food before I serve it


Thank you for that one day when I was in grade 11. You made me laugh, and because of that, I was able to stop crying and was able to face the situation calmly


Thank you for letting us a bit into your day, your past, your life, whatever


Thank you for helping me figure out what was best for me… even if it wasn’t what was best for you


Thank you for believing I could compete in skills


Thank you for your letter of recommendation


Thank you for never putting on a mask and not trying to make us believe you were someone you’re not


Thank you for giving me skills I’ll take with me wherever I go, whenever I go there


Thank you for being you.


And thanks for helping me learn how to be me
Tags: ahh... school. prime time of life

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