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Soo... Other than my OMGPLANECRASH and my Birthday wishes to Cam, I really haven't posted much. And considering what has happened in the last week and a half, I'd say it's time for a post.
.Sooo... yeah... I slipped at work and broke my left elbow and a rib on my left side. I'm OK. I'm working in a sling and I can use my left hand for typing now, which is good :)

Wholy crap, you guys!!! It's pretty much official. I've practically been accepted into the school I wanted to go to! I have an interview left and that's it! I've applied to (and gotten <i>into</i>) the residence, I've typed up most of my career profile, and I've done interviews with Important People. Like, the family happened to be passing by the city when we saw the OPEN HOUSE sign. So I got to tour the res, and I got to tour the Bakery, and I got to meet with the department head, and OMG!!! There are SO many hot guys there. Liek, wow.

So I find that now that I'm not working with Teresa as much, I'm liking her much more. She talks nicer to me, she doesn't bitch about other's shortcomings... Ect ect. Of course, there's the one lady at work who <i>DOESN'T SMILE</i>. Ever. I have never even seen her crack a grin. She is miserable. And I get to spend roughly six hours with her a day. Wooo.....  Unfortunately, the broken things makes it hard to do anything, so I've kist been kicking ass making coffee.

Nobody laugh. I've started watching Naruto Again.    I had stopped!!! FOr a really long time!!! It was an interesting storyline... but the fillers... Eventually I got so sick of  the long scilences where the wind would blow and they'd play one of a thousand variations of the same four songs that around Shippuden 25, after it came out, I said fuck it, and didn't Download anymore. I have found, though, that even though I skipped from 25 to 30-31, I DIDN'T MISS ANYTHING! YOu know why? <i> because every five minutes there is a flashback of what happened two episodes ago!!!!!</i> Seriously. So I skipped four episodes of Naruto and Kakashi chasing the guy who had stolen Gaara (Garra? Garaa?) and skippped to the end of the battle, and I STILL knew what was going on. ..... So then I watched the next few episodes, meet the new characters, and skip another chunk to get to the bridge. And guess what? There were enough flashbacks that I knew what was going on!! 

Man this series annoys me.

According to Crystal, I look like Naruto. Do you think so???      She says every time I walk into work, I remind her of him. Like OUCH!?!?!?!?!

That is all.


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