April 7th, 2008

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Wow. So far for posts to days I'm three for three.

I think

I'm so sick right now. FUcking school...*sniffle*

NOT what I wanted to say. Here Ve Go!

What is up with todays younger youth?

Kay, so I'm at... er... work?Yeah... when this 13 or something girl goes past the entrance to the bakery on Heelies, and I think, 'Wow. good for her. I can't even balance on one of those, never nimed having the control to not crash!' SO she has her Heelies on and she goes to pick up a loaf of bread from the bottom shelf.

The's 13, wears Heelies, and has a THONG halfway up her back!!!!!! What the hell?

'Notther work tale. Yesterday, this kid comes up to get a cookie. "Where's your mom?" Over there, he says, pointing vaugly. "Well, I need her to tell me that it's alright, ok?" So he nodds, and runs TO PRODUCE! *Le sigh*

One more rant before I go and read.

My brother bought a new pair of jeans from California. They're semi-Emo, kinda tight, but not overly so, and he has the leggs and waist to pull it off. He tried them on on Saturday, and he had to pull his boxers, like WAY UP so they didn't bunch, but they looked good.

So he comes downstairs, breifs pulled up to a normal hight, jeans pushed down quarter ways down his ass The hell? "I don;t care what you think, You're not the kind of girl I'm trying to impress."

WHAT THE HELL IS SO IMRESSIVE ABOUT THAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I keep telling him that wearing his pants down that low looks stupid, and I laugh at all the guys who do it. What kind of girl is impressed by that? White breifs above a pair of emo-jeans?

To top it off, he's sitting at breakfast this morning and he crouched over his cereal. I get a lovely picture of the waistband pushing his ass up so there's a buldge.

It's not hot. I'm sorry, but really.

BTW: I hate being sick. During the write up of this, I have sneezed twice, blown my nose a few times, and used my little sanitizer bottle a whole lot. I really hate being sick, though, because it makes me bitchy and not my self.

This probably won't make sence to me in the morning. I have a fever, haha. Yay. *Sarcasm*