June 27th, 2008

Fish Custard

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Kay, so I've got the FUNNIEST story for you guys EVER!!!

So I'm at the mall with Boy-Toy, and the Lovebirds and GrilLovebird's friend pops by and starts telling us all about her boyfriends ex. Who shall be referred to as DITZ-OF-THE-CENTURY!!!!!!!

They're watching the first Spiderman. You know how in the opening credits there are newspapers and shit with headlines. DITZ turns to her boyfriend and says:

"Is this based off of a true story? Cause there's all those newspapers and headlines..."

I nearly pissed myself. No joke.

Ps: Dear Valued Customers of Montana's,

Remember that little chat we had about not brining large parties in at 9 on a Saturday? Believe it or not, it's worse when you bring in large parties at ten to ten and the restaraunt closes at ten. There was only two of us, and so cooking your meal was a bit of an ordeal. Please refrain from doing so in the future.

Thanks, your Sautee cook for the night,
Lil' Muffin