August 31st, 2008

Fish Custard

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Several things.

First, I was on my feet for most of yesterday between work, walking home from work, doing house chores, walking to my OTHER work, and work. So I got into a bath and sat there for a good two hours. I wake up this morning with huge cracked spots on my feet and the thought "How the fuck did <i>this<i/> happen? Anyone know??

Second, for the past few days I have been working my way through Carcaptor Sakura on YouTube, downloading every episode onto Real Player. I have to say that watching the Japanese version with subtitles is a HELL of a lot cuter than watching the english version on YTV or Teletoon. Furthermore, I now actually UNDERSTAND the Cardcaptor plot, rather than having a vauge idea about it.

So, yeah, I'm all caught up on dorkieness. All 70 episodes and both movies of it...

Third, I havn't seen my boyfriend in over a month because our holidays overlapped, he left, then I came back. So day after he gets back, we go to a movie with some friends we happened to meet up with at the mall and whatever.

I have recieved one facebook message asking me to some Vynal thing in the spring. <i>THE SPRING!!!<i/>

Sigh... I think he might be a little hopeless...

Fourth, I have to learn Japanese, or atleast a rough understanding of it, by next summer for when I go to Japan. I have an Immersion CD, A Japanese FOr Dummies book, a Japanese Phrases for Dummies book and an actual textbook. Anyone have suggestions?


Dear Montana's,

I would say it's been a pleasure working there again, but to be honest, it hasn't. I like some of the people and some of the food, but really, it's not enough for me to stay there. Sobey's is paying me the same amount to decorate cakes and clean the bakery, so sorry, but they win. Sorry to leave you in such a pickle, but I really can't be there any longer. Mac, Andy, Trent, Steve, Amy, Cristian and Dilf-man, it was nice working with you again. I'm glad I got to see you again and stuff.

Everyone else in the employ...


Thanks, your Pantry/Sammy/Sautee/Fryer cook,

Lil' Muffin.