September 22nd, 2008

Fish Custard

Why is it winter already???

Seriously. I'm fucking cold. It's not supposed to be this cold until, like, november. And I'm in a heated building. Not even joking, I just want a blanket and a pot of tea. And it's raining. And windy. I have to walk home.

Thanks monday! Really appreciate it. If you could bring the library's internal temperature up to a reasonable number so my nose and fingers and exposed neck are not icicles...

Well, I can dream, can't I?

I'm actually thinking of quitting my new job. I love it to pieces! My boss is so nice and gave me next sunday off, YAY! And most of the weekend people I work with are great and funny. When I work front end. On weekends, I work cakes, and one woman is so beyond cynical she makes ... (and here I try to come up with a most reasonable comparison)... I dunno, Snape... everyone knows him... SHe makes Snape look like the happiest person in the world!

I'm serious. I try to keep my happiness around her, but it just doesn't work. She gossips about everyone in the bakery, she is negative about everything, and she is so finicky about how everything needs to be done. Any time she goes on about her two divorces, or all the shit she has to put up with in the bakery, I just inwardly roll my eyes and say *Teressa...*

NORMA on the other hand, is lazy as all fuck, and has no artistic sense at all. She did the Deco Pack Harry Potter And Train kit on a small cake, and, when I was at the other store, I did that particular cake all the time. I think she may have been on Acid when she made it, because that';s the only way she could have mistaken the picture on the piece of paper for the wrangled mess on her turntable.

Seriously, I'm going to shoot them both. On the plus side, my manager is going to formally train me on Coffee Bar next next weekend, so, EXCITED!

But I don't know if I can stand working with Teressa for much longer. The woman is BONKERS!!!!

I could always swap to the other store, but...

Moving on.

I found a new J-pop (ish) artist that I'm totally in love with.  If you look up KOTOKO-ハヤテのごとく!(aka copy and paste it into you tube) you find the song I'm obsessed with. YUM!

Still annoyed with my boyfriend, but he got me this really pretty bracelet from BC that looks like it cost quite a lot. Why do guys ALWAYS do that??? Although, while the bracelt is REALLY me, I also wear ONE necklace and ONE ring, and he'd never seen me wear them before he went to BC. So either he knows me really well, or not at all, and I'm trying to decide which one it is.

And there's your insight to HD's life. Have a good week, guys!