March 17th, 2009

Fish Custard

Of cabbages and kings

So... I'm not sure if I've just jumped on the Phineas and Ferb bandwagon early... or if it's just this small... It kinda sucks if it's only that small, cause it's totally worth at least a bit of fandom. It's funny, and so... useable! Like... when they're older, or whatever. Like... I've started a fic, but after reading what's out there, I don;t think the audience could really appreciate it. Cause most of the writings are... well... probably the oldest is 15 tops... And most of the fics are screenplays.

Kinda makes me feel sick and twisted. But, like I said, when they're, like, 17 or whatever. Still smart and funny, but also mature and ect. Well, mature ish. That's what I envision, anyway. Am I a freak?

On another note, one of my best friends was supposed to come home on today, and now he's not till the 26th. Which kinda blows.

Two of the major slackers at work have been fired. Well, three. And soon a fourth. Yay?

I'm finding myself slightly bored all the time, cause I don't have to get up for school every day. Anyone have any suggestions? I've been playing DDR like a mad man, but other that that, I can't think of much I can do. I mean, I can't go shopping, cause a) I don't like spending money, and b) I don't really have any money to spend. It's spring melt, so walking is fun in canvas shoes... and if I vacuume any more, I think the carpet will wear down. Any suggestions?

Still no news on my external. I think when I get that back, I'll have semi completed fics to complete. As it is, I'm running out of internet reading material. I've finished about 6 sites. As in read everything on them that I could find. EVERYTHING. And work is slow, so I'm not getting as many hours. Although, Boss was awesome yesterday and called me in to work. Yay hours!!!!

There's more snow now than there was in December, I'm pretty sure. That can't be good.

And there's a slice of my life. Yay...