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So... technology is made of epic fail.

So... Hmm... last month... err... in January... has it been that long? It seems longer.... anyway My external hard-drive went on the fritz.

I've just received word from Toronto that the data cannot be recovered off of it, and the dude isn't the mechanic, so he has to pay his guys to fix it and that'll cost me two grand minimum.

Fuck. I can't spend my money on that. I can't spend <i>that much money</i> on lost information. SO!

I am now missing hmm... 9 or so gig's of music, any fic I've written, ALL fics that I copied, irreplaceable pictures from England and Italy, a bunch of video's that I won't go into, House seasons 1-3, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Cardcaptor Sakura, Iron Man, Across the Universe... uhh... OH! Important documents such as my epic resume`, an online version of my transcripts...

I think that's it.

Most of the music is on my mP3, which is now plugged in, though I don't know if it works again or not. All the shows and movies I can find again and spend the... what... three weeks it took to download them again. I'm sure I can find Eclipse again, and I've e-mailed myself a lot of the other fics that are on there, so I just have to jack them from my e-mail. I'm kinda pissed about some of the documents, though. I wrote this epic short story in grade 11, and if I find it on the other computer, I'll post it.

But ITALY!!!! Pictures of Venice, of the cool masks and the people dressed in crazy costumes. Of Florence, with it's awesome atmosphere and all the hot guys!!! Of Rome, and the National Geographic style pictures of the Colosseum! And half of my Pompeii pictures, including the ones of the Brothel.  All. Gone.

I'm going to go cry for a bit, I think. When I was told, my legs actually gave out.

Tags: ramblings ftw, rl is funny sometimes..., technology can bite my ass

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