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My mini notebook

I have a little notebook, and it has a lot of paper not used, so I cleaned out what <i>was</i> used and found some interesting things. I swear, I didn't alter anything  that I copy down. I'm so weird....

About a million of these.

PICTURES!!! Holey crap, I can't draw to save my life.

Icons. I need to make them. They will be epic. Now... about adobe flash and all that stuff... is there any way to, you know, NOT use that?

"Welcome to Canada, Mr. Mcgeen."

H grinned at the lady checking his fake passport, matching the picture perfectly

Someone has a really short tounge


A vamp doujinshi, along with rough sketches... I can't read most of it soooo...

And social studies notes... and Chem 20 notes. Hmm... I don't even know why those are there.... Not going to lie...

On another note. I got accepted into my choice collage, so I'm getting out of this White gangsta town and going to Calgary!!!

Tags: ahh... school. prime time of life, hd is an ex otaku, hd is an hp whore, ramblings ftw, rl is funny sometimes..., thee binder

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