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Well, HD had the weekend of ultimate FAIL

I was ashamed to be the leader of my girls this weekend. Let us leave it at that.


(And this is something I really need help on)

I'm writing some original fiction. My main characters are based off of real people that I have twisted to fit my sick heart and brain. The first character transfered into the town in the middle of sixth grade. He is socially awkward, so he never made any friends in the last part of sixth grade, and was shy enough to not be overly active in middle school. 

The second character is good at everything. Actually. I knew a guy like that. He played four instruments, sang, had great grades, was the star in almost every drama play, was in Leadership, and was a super good and happy guy.

Now, what I want to know is, what would be a more interesting character to oppose the super shy guy?

Hmm... male opposite....

Super happy-go-lucky never does anything wrong
Pust on a happy front, but doesn't really have any friends because they all idol him and think he's too perfect
Is actually an emotional wreck, and unless he's surrounded by people, it's obvious of his pain
Other, and I'll comment to let you know :)
I want to get started on this. I kind of have a start going, but that may change depending which is a better opposite.

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