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The Wheatgrass wagon

I have jumped on. I am going to take about an ounce of Wheatgrass every day and record what happens. I`ll record it all down on paper, then I`ll post my findings once a week.

Today is: Monday, May 18, 2009
Weight: 145.4
Complexion: Fair. A little splotchy, a little oily, but no more than usual
Overall feeling: After the wheatgrass, a little ill to the stomach, btu nothing to worry about.
Planned activities for the day: Cleaning my room, DDR, and work
How I have slipped: None yet, but as I work in a bakery, I have a feeling I will be snapping my elastic quite a bit.

Oh! That`s something else I`m doing! Whenever I go to eat a doughnut, a cookie, whipped cream, something bad for me, I snap my elastic around my wrist. It hurts, and I don`t like pain. So if it`s bad for me, it hurts me. My wrist hurts a lot, but I`ve dropped, now, 15 pounds just from that alone. 135, here I come!
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