HD Darkensaw (hdluff4eva) wrote,
HD Darkensaw

And then my friend decided to kill himself.

Well, I'm not sure. I'm awaiting a text from him. He won't answer his phone, but he's answering texts... sort of.

See, one of my friends got a facebook message from him saying he knew it wasn't getting any better, and that it wouldn't, and that he was sorry, and she was the only person he felt he could trust, and tell everyone I'm sorry and ect. The basis of a suicide note. Good times!

Ugh... I have to be awake for work in five hours I don't need to deal with this!!!

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PS: I have received conformation that he's still alive. For now. He's feeling very alone... I want to go to him, give him a hug...

But he's in  Newfoundland  Toronto

For two weeks...

Ok, so, he's promised to go straight to sleep and text me when he wakes up.

Un-locked comments. Does anyone have advice for me?!?!?! Like, do I push him to see someone like he's been saying he wants to? Should I let him talk to me? Should I force him to talk to someone? I'm at a loss...


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