HD Darkensaw (hdluff4eva) wrote,
HD Darkensaw

One giant spoiler of ranting right here

DH... Fuck. What the HELL was that?? I mean, come ON! It's obvious that the epolouge was writen a long time ago... the writing style resembles the first book... so like... WHAT??? The NON CANNON REMUS Pissed me off, as well as them getting MARRIED AFTER A MONTH OF DATING!!! Wow.. didn't skip the pleasantries... And why did it have to be Fred? Why couldn't Gin have died and saved us all the sorrow?

ALSO! I didn't mind the Snape thing. I was all "omigawsh the poor guy. HAH! Tottally called it" (O had posted a few days ago that Snape was going to die and THEN Harry would find out that he was good) and I thought him being in live with Lilly was kinda cute... if not a little gross.

ALBUS SEVERUS!!! What the hell kind of name is THAT!!! It's like... the worst. EVER! "And Harry grew up to marry his best frien'd sister because He's Harry Potter and would stay with the same woman that had a hero worship crush on him when he was 12 and they had three kids, one of which that was in the same year and one of Ron and Hermione's kids AND Draco Malfoy's kid"........ Go fucking FIGURE!!!

Yeah... feel free to rant along with me at any time!

Tags: hd is an hp whore

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