HD Darkensaw (hdluff4eva) wrote,
HD Darkensaw

Wow, this went from happy to depressing rather quickly...

OK, so college is AWESOME!!! Loving living in Res, loving my class, loving the whole atmosphere! EVERYTHING AROUND ME IS MADE OF LOVE!!!

But... Ok, so I moved out to go to college. Which, you know, no big deal. But I didn't just move into the city that's by The Bubble. I moved away away. And everything has been awesome.

Only, this evening, a few hours ago, two of my roomates were talking about going out tonight. And ya, that's cool. I hope they have a lot of fun!

But it made me really miss my friends at home. And my boyfriend. I can't just call up the girls and say "Club tonight? We'll leave early casue we all have classes, but let's just go for a couple of hours and dance!" I can't just show up at my lover's house and just be with him for a while. I can't go play video-games with azalea_j   , or watch a movie in startrekcupcake 's basement, or go rollerblading for hours with the gay-boyfriend. I have friends here, sure. My room-mates and I get along great, and there're a couple of girls in my class that seem pretty sweet. But I really just want some familiar faces to just be around for a bit. Hell, I don't even need that. i need the option to do so. Because as much time as I spend on this blasted computer, I am a social being. I love being around people. And right now, I don't have anyone to be around. Two of my room-mates are from this city, so they have friends they can just go be with. And the last girl is a second year, so she has her friends from last year, even though she's from Saskatchewan. This is really hard for me. I hate that I don't have a job either, to keep me busy. Everyone's "hiring" but no-one's calling me back. I need money and I need a job that won't stress out my school work and I need a social life.

Going home this weekend for Thanksgiving, thank goodness. I'll have four days in which to see everyone I need. I hope.

I think I'm going to go cry and miss people for a while. It's like when the Gay-Boyfriend was off in France being French, only about 20 times worse.
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