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HD before | HD after

OK, so college is AWESOME!!! Loving living in Res, loving my class, loving the whole atmosphere! EVERYTHING AROUND ME IS MADE OF LOVE!!!

But... Ok, so I moved out to go to college. Which, you know, no big deal. But I didn't just move into the city that's by The Bubble. I moved away away. And everything has been awesome.

Only, this evening, a few hours ago, two of my roomates were talking about going out tonight. And ya, that's cool. I hope they have a lot of fun!

But it made me really miss my friends at home. And my boyfriend. I can't just call up the girls and say "Club tonight? We'll leave early casue we all have classes, but let's just go for a couple of hours and dance!" I can't just show up at my lover's house and just be with him for a while. I can't go play video-games with azalea_j   , or watch a movie in startrekcupcake 's basement, or go rollerblading for hours with the gay-boyfriend. I have friends here, sure. My room-mates and I get along great, and there're a couple of girls in my class that seem pretty sweet. But I really just want some familiar faces to just be around for a bit. Hell, I don't even need that. i need the option to do so. Because as much time as I spend on this blasted computer, I am a social being. I love being around people. And right now, I don't have anyone to be around. Two of my room-mates are from this city, so they have friends they can just go be with. And the last girl is a second year, so she has her friends from last year, even though she's from Saskatchewan. This is really hard for me. I hate that I don't have a job either, to keep me busy. Everyone's "hiring" but no-one's calling me back. I need money and I need a job that won't stress out my school work and I need a social life.

Going home this weekend for Thanksgiving, thank goodness. I'll have four days in which to see everyone I need. I hope.

I think I'm going to go cry and miss people for a while. It's like when the Gay-Boyfriend was off in France being French, only about 20 times worse.


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Oct. 9th, 2009 03:22 pm (UTC)
Awwww. I can sympathize. I didn't move away... but I'm still kinda estranged. I saw Josh at the campus a couple days ago and tackled him so hard my teeth rattled. And I think I knocked his head on a railing... me and kit-kat are trying to get together, but are scheduals are so conflicting it's jsut not working out! I never see Bre or Mat or Mitch or Greg or anyone, you're gone... all I wanna do is hang out with my friends. Sure I'm making new friends...

I miss you, too, hun. *Hugs*
Nov. 4th, 2009 11:09 pm (UTC)
Think about muskrats! They also makes me smile. =D

Or if that doesn't work, think about me thinking about muskrats. =D
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