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Ugh... Life

I'm hurting. I have for the past couple days, but today it is so bad that Chef sent me home cause I'm pale and shaking from the pain. it's subsided slightly but it's worse today than it has been. I thought it was just trapped gas or something, but that should have dissipated.

I really hope I don't have appendicitis. That's been a fear of mine since I was little, lol.

I had a weird dream that, combined with the pain, wouldn't let me sleep. It was about some "Mirror World" where objects existed in the mirror world, so to save on furniture, one bought these special mirrors and placed them on ceilings to project the furniture. Or something. I don't really remember now hahaha.

Over reading week, the Boy said he wanted to "Take a break". But he sent me the TEXT after he left a movie night that I was having with him and a couple other people. So, I'm sitting with two friends when he texts me "I'm sick of myself, I think I need to take a break from seeing you"



So whilst crying on my mom's shoulder, he texts "I love you" Which made it hurt even more, like a stab in the heart. And I won't see him till today cause he's not coming back to Cow-Town till today cause his class isn't till tomorrow. But he keeps trying to text me and talk to me. It's upsetting me more cause he couldn't even do this to my face.

I don't want to lose him...

In other news, all I'm missing in class today is making Marzipan Fruit. Which looked like fun but not as fun as the cakes we get to do. Easter cakes!!! YAY!!!

Doing well besides all that and wanting to throw up lol.
Tags: ahh... school. prime time of life, angsty hd is angsty., illness is never good, ramblings ftw, rl is funny sometimes..., well

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