HD Darkensaw (hdluff4eva) wrote,
HD Darkensaw

life update.... Since I'm really bad at that

So! The last you heard of me, I was doubling over with pain in class and was going to see the doctor.

What has happened since then:

1) It was a kidney infection. I went on an IV and was ok. I am still fine.

2) I passed school with a GPA of 3.71

3) I have a wicked internship at a huge convention center that I love. More on that later

4) The Boy and I almost broke up several times

5) The Boy and I might break up for good

6) Spring had made me really sick and not be able to breathe, as per usual

7) it's currently snowing outside my window when three days ago it was 20 degrees (Celsius)

8) I'm going to learn Japanese

More on my internship: There are 8 of us: Boss, Sous Boss, the higher underlings Mama, Joe, and Aison, The Apprentices Ness, Mandy, and Dolly, and then the interns Cass and HD. It has been a rollercoaster. So far everyone but Mama likes Cass better which I hate. She always gets chosen for the cool stuff and I have to do the bitch work. I wouldn't mind doing the Bitch Work if she did too. But I would like to learn things too rather than scale, so give us turns, ok?

But Boss is going to teach me to do Fondant properly, and not her, which is pretty cool :)

OH! and 8) I get to do my cousin's wedding cake! YAY!!!

Umm, ya. That's it. I'm going to start posting prolly bi-weekly entries once I start learning Japanese. It's easier to learn something you teach rather than just something you learn. Feel free to learn a new language with me!

Tags: ahh... school. prime time of life, food=om nom, ramblings ftw, rl is funny sometimes..., well, work is a bitch

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