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Bitch has no respect

K, so. The other Intern, Cass? We were buds back in high school. In fact, our foods teacher personally wrote both of our letters that are part of the reason we got into the program where we did. Last year was ok, I didn't see much of her but we were in different classes at different times and ours was the only class that didn't get to share classes with theirs.

No. Big.

So I talk to Chef when she's marking one of my practicals and mention I'm having trouble finding an Internship. She says "call this guy His name is Boss, that would be a good fit for you.

I called, and an hour later, Boss calls and says "You have an internship here" I was so excited, right? I mean this is one of the premier kitchens in all of the city, maybe the Provence, and this guy one of the best pastry Chefs! WOO HOO!!!

So of course, I tell Cass.

About a week later she tells me about this struggle she was having with the Head Chef at the place I'm at. For a second I was like "bwah?" But she keeps talking, saying "He's saying their not taking interns and I'm like, bull crap your not, so I e-mailed Boss with a letter and my resume and he said I could intern there too! Isn't that awesome?!"

*Strained smile* wow! That's Great Cass!

So, bitch swiped my internship. But it's ok, we're there together, and I know she works hard and I've worked with her before. And she's getting a car, so we can carpool. Awesome!

I get a text from her an hour ago asking if I can go with my mom to work tomorrow morning. Somehow, this carpooling thing isn't working out and she wants to sleep in ten minutes and I apparently complain that it's too early. Or some shit like that. I don't care. If she doesn't want to drive me in the mornings she doesn't have to make fucking excuses. Just tell me to my face, bitch!

So now my mom has to get up an hour and a half early every day so I can get to my internship. I fucking GOT her that job, the least she could FUCKING do is show some respect!

Am I out of line?
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