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Real life Wolfstar!!!

Ok. So I know this probably doesn't have much to do with anything of ANYTHING, but I have found the real life Sirius/Remus. 

Except the roles are reversed. See, the "Sirius" is going with his girlfriend, and the "Remus" is left behind... actually, now that I think about it, "Sirius" leaving could be like Sirius going to Azkaban, right? Anyway, they've been friends for years and are always touching and looking at eachother and ect. ALSO! Whenever "Sirius" is talking to "Remus" he seems a lot happier then when he talked to me about moving for his girlfriend (he's moving to LA). And "Remus" didn't seem to thrilled about his buddy moving. Do you see or am I the only one who is making the link?   I saw both of them like ten minutes ago, and I thought about how much like the pups they are. So I decided to share with any puppy Shippers that I have found the real life versions of my favorite Ship (Next to the name, of course) and if there is the slimmest chance that one of them reads this... well, guys. sorry.
Tags: hd is an hp whore, rl is funny sometimes...

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