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A Different Angle

I can't believe how much they don’t know.

He seems so smart, normally, but I guess that to truly see all sides of a situation, or <i>situation</i>, as Jace would say, you have to look at it from a different angle. Once I realized what I was looking at, it was so blatantly obvious that I was surprised no one else but me and Isabelle could see. I don't even think <i>she</i> was looking too hard either, trying to blind herself from what was there, or, what wasn't there. But I know what I see, what they don’t. It’s the same reason I couldn’t see what Simon saw in me. I was looking at the wrong angle.

Like Simon and me, like Luke and my mother, I see Alec and Jace.

That poor soul.

Shadowhunters do have those.

Right... <i>right</i>?


Kinda short....
Tags: cassandra claire owns part of my soul, hd can be creative... o.0

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