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It's really unfortunate, But I couldn't figure a way to get my Challenge the Fifth onto YouTube.

I actually made a bunch of songs that have reasons behind their picks. -Is depressed-

Disc 1: the characters

Jace: Welcome to the Black Parade – MCR
This is the song that reminds me of Jace Wayland. Because of the whole his father dying thing. And never knowing his mother, but feeling her and Clary looking out for him. Anyway, I'll stop babbling and let you listen to the song.

Clary: Teardrop – Massive Attack

This is the song that reminds me of Clary Fray. I don't really know why this reminds me of her, Except that the fact that it's a little all over the place Kind of like her. A little unexpected.

Alec: Secretly – Skunk Anasie

This is the song that reminds me of Alec Lightwood because of his unrequited love. I could have used it for Simon, but I decided Alec was better.

Simon: Hero Heroine – Boys Like Girls

This is the song that reminds me of Simon. He's Clary's hero. And she knows it.

Isabelle: Whip It – Divo

This is the song that reminds me of Isabelle Lightwood. Speaks for itself, haha!

Luke: Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word – Elton John feat Blue

This is a song that reminds me of Luke Starkweather because, no matter how hard he tries, he can't seem to make anything work for him, and he just keeps trying to appoligize.

Jocelyn: Ordinary World – Duran Duran

This is a song that reminds me of Jocelyn Fray. She wants to get away from the life she knows.

Hodge: Crawling – Linkin Park

This is a song that reminds me of Hodge. Cause of his curse, I guess.

Valentine: Bodies – Drowning pool

This is a song that reminds me of Valentine Morgenstern. He likes killing. What else can I say? Unfortunately, no one mentioned to him that most downworlders are just mundanes with a disease.

Silly Valenitne.

Magnus: Pretty Fly for a White Guy – Offspring

This is a song that reminds me of Magnus Bane. Hey! He's hot! And he knows it!

Wolves: House of Wolves – MCR

Just a song for the wolves, because of the name. And because, I guess being a Wolf would be something you'd want to keep to yourself.

Vamps: Shadow of the Day – Linkin Park

And a song for the Vampires. Night is the shadow of the day.

Demons: Monster Mash – Bobby Pickett

I needed one for Demons in general. Whatever.

Disc 2: The relations

Alec/Jace (OTP): Have you ever – Brandy

Alec/Jace OTP!! Poor Alec loves Jace so much, his heart bleeds. Of course, he's a teenage boy. Feelings are for suckers. Ptttthh!


Clary/Jace: Gunnin’ – Headley

Clary/Jace So, there're no good songs about incest or anything that I could find, and they're kind of cute I guess. Her heart burns for him

Isabelle/Jace: Pain – 3 Days Grace

Isabelle/Jace I dunno. Jace seems like he could be a bit of a masochist... And Izzy with her whip...

Isabelle/Simon: She hates me – Puddle of Mud

Isabelle/Simon I think she really does hate him a little, haha!

Clary/Simon: Accidentally in Love – Counting Crows

Clary/Simon Aweses. I don't think Simon meant for it to happen... Just like I didn't mean to fall in love with... Well, that's not important...

Jocelyn/Valentine: 2 Beds and a Coffee Machine

Jocelyn/Valentine An abusive relationship, I'm sure. If he hit Jace, it stands to reason he'd hit Jocelyn. And she just tried to get away...

Jocelyn/Luke: Desire – Ryan Addams

Jocelyn/Luke I think they'd be perfect together. Perfect parents for Clary. Love this song...

Magnus/Alec: Every Little Thing She Does: Sting & The Police

Alec/Magnus Magnus SO likes Alec. Really, it's only a matter of time before he slips Alec a love spell or something. Cute little 300 year old Warlock....
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