HD Darkensaw (hdluff4eva) wrote,
HD Darkensaw

 About Spiderwick...

OK, several things.

First of all... BEST ANTI-CLIMAX..... EVER!!!!! I totally thought he was going to throw the book. But then he went all Raven and he was going when GULP!

I laughed so hard. Fuck. srsly

Although, at the end, I was doind my annoying habbit of commenting what I think will happen. I called the evil dude dressing up as the father and I called Arthur coming to see his daughter (Who I said was going with him and changing back to a 6 year old)

All in all, one of the better 3 movies I've seen in the past year. The other two are History Boys and Juno.

Little blurb. I'd probably write more, but at the time, I'm about to fall over. Havn't been getting much sleep.


Tags: movies i've seen, ramblings ftw

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