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Haha, kay, so I'm cleaning out my binder (not the binder, holder of all fiction taken down by yours truely, but the one I'm supposed to use for school) because I had too much paper and ect in it for it to be usefull. It's only a little thing, and I had WAY too much in it. So I'm cleaning it out and I see something from LAST semester that made me laugh so hard. I just had to tell everyone.

So, I'm sitting in Bio class, and we're talking genetics and selective breeding and ect. I sit right near the front, a guy I shall call M the only one on front of me. So anyway, the teacher, Skene (And I will not censor his name because some of you on the Flist know him, and it's just so much funnier if you know him instead of some letter), says:

I tried to say this is block 2, about how farmers breed for certian traits... and it came out like the farmer thought the sheep was cute... haha, I dunno

So, M, ever the jokester, says "We call those the Welsh, Mr. Skene!"

Whole class just bursts into peals of laughter.
Kay, so I have annother thing that's not so offencive to a certian group of people.

I'm a guide leader, and I get a ride home with the main leader, and because of it, I'm always the one who's helping load the stuff into Head Guider's van. So, anyway, it's freaking freezing, so Head Guider decides to back the van up to the school doors so I don't have to walk too far to put the tote with "Things of Guiding" in the back.

So she's backing up, and I'm inside the school, and this is when it's already dark at 5:30, and she backs up into the handicapped parking sign. She knocked it CLEAN OFF THE BOTTOM!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! We ended up sticking the sign in the snow beside the school.

When we went back next week, it was all fixed. Head Guider's van was uninjured.

And now, PICTURES! My friend's baby!

Emma. Isn't she cutre?????????????!!!!! She's so small......

 I'm doing counting today! Yay *sarcasm*!

In other news:
 has fallen in Looooooove!!! 

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