HD Darkensaw (hdluff4eva) wrote,
HD Darkensaw

 Two things. Really just points of interest.

Kay, so a factorial is written as 8!, pronounced: "eight factorial" and is calculated like: 8x7x6x5x4x3x2x1= answer (too lazy to calculate it)

So I cannot keep a straight face during Math because we are doing factorials and ect. I keep thinking of azalea_jwho was explaining them to me last semester. 

"No, it's not 'EIGHT!' it's 'eight factorial'."

She then proceded to explain how a friend of hers couldn't get it and kept reading the questions "what is the answer to EIGHT!"

Teh win

Moving on.

I have sorted and organized The Binder. Yes, that's right. THE BINDER. I have decided to type up a bunch of my silly one-shots, and I got rid of so much crap. Like, a lot of it was just crap. Storylines that made no sense, way too much dialouge, even for me, and overall, just bad. I threw out a pound of paper, more or less. Why does The Binder still seem so huge????? On a plus side, I finally loaded Dragon Narturaly Speaking onto my laptop, so I wrote up 3/5 parts to a fic in, like, 20 minutes. Typing is reletively slow for me, cause I have to look at the keyboard. I think that may be why my fics don't flow properly, or as smoothly as I'd like. I'm going to start recording myself talking at night (when most of my fic ideas come into play) and writing them into some sebelance of order during the day. This wil also give me more incentive to write more. Unfortunately, a lot of it's porn, so I can only do it when I'm home alone, or type it up. The flow will suck, but, hey!


Tags: ahh... school. prime time of life, math is a good fun time, rl is funny sometimes..., thee binder, why do i like m/m so much?

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