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Erm... I don't know exactly how to handle this...

Appoximately every two months, my friend has asked if it's ok to make out with me. So I can gauge how much better he's getting. Cause we've kissed before and it was really awkward. So we're rollerblading and he says "I can't really describe it... Can I... No..." "What? Show me?" "Well... yeah..."

So we just sat on the bench and kissed.

Weird thing is, it wasn't awkward at all this time. And he's much improved.

Just thought I'd share.

Speaking of kissing and Male friends... "How many permutations can be made of the word Anal?" Cause there's a letter repetition.

How many permutations can be made of the word Stamatopolus?

Annother question... I've just finished Twilight, my friend is bringing New Moon today. They're in love. Can Vampires gat erections? Seriously. They have no heart beat, no blood flow. Does it work?

Have a good day, f-list!

Ps: azalea_j  I have my phone back! Your parents are the best!!!
Tags: math is a good fun time, ramblings ftw, rl is funny sometimes...

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