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Dear Valued customers of Montana's,

Contrary to what you may believe, us folk in the back do not appreciate it when you swarm in packs at 9:15. See, what generally happens, is, at about 9 ish on a saturday, most of the cooks go home, so two nine-tops and a full bar is not as much of a party to us as it seems. Especially since most of the people who want to leave have been there since 11:00 or 12:00 in the morning. So please do us in the kitchen all a favor and bring yourselves in at a more reasonable time, like 8:30 or even 8:00 sharp!

KTHX, your pantry cook this evening,

Lil' Muffin. (AKA HD)

PS: Yeah, Laura P (Who is the CTB of Montana's and will hereafter be referred to as MCTB). HI! I'm sorry, but just because your table is complaining that they haven't gotten their desert five minutes after they ordered it does not mean I'm going to drop the five or six other things that I'm doing and make your Mud Pie. I really don't care if you get a bad tip from that table. I have 100 other people to keep happy with hot meals and with salads. I don't have time to Unwrap an easily-accessible frozen desert and put chocolate syrup and whip cream on top. Do you not see every single other server getting any deserts they can because the managers were stupid and scheduled Little Muffin by herself on Pantry and is trying to do the work of two people and kicking ass at it. I will be referring to you as Amber next time I see you.

Tags: food=om nom, work is a bitch

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