Bitch has no respect

K, so. The other Intern, Cass? We were buds back in high school. In fact, our foods teacher personally wrote both of our letters that are part of the reason we got into the program where we did. Last year was ok, I didn't see much of her but we were in different classes at different times and ours was the only class that didn't get to share classes with theirs.

No. Big.

So I talk to Chef when she's marking one of my practicals and mention I'm having trouble finding an Internship. She says "call this guy His name is Boss, that would be a good fit for you.

I called, and an hour later, Boss calls and says "You have an internship here" I was so excited, right? I mean this is one of the premier kitchens in all of the city, maybe the Provence, and this guy one of the best pastry Chefs! WOO HOO!!!

So of course, I tell Cass.

About a week later she tells me about this struggle she was having with the Head Chef at the place I'm at. For a second I was like "bwah?" But she keeps talking, saying "He's saying their not taking interns and I'm like, bull crap your not, so I e-mailed Boss with a letter and my resume and he said I could intern there too! Isn't that awesome?!"

*Strained smile* wow! That's Great Cass!

So, bitch swiped my internship. But it's ok, we're there together, and I know she works hard and I've worked with her before. And she's getting a car, so we can carpool. Awesome!

I get a text from her an hour ago asking if I can go with my mom to work tomorrow morning. Somehow, this carpooling thing isn't working out and she wants to sleep in ten minutes and I apparently complain that it's too early. Or some shit like that. I don't care. If she doesn't want to drive me in the mornings she doesn't have to make fucking excuses. Just tell me to my face, bitch!

So now my mom has to get up an hour and a half early every day so I can get to my internship. I fucking GOT her that job, the least she could FUCKING do is show some respect!

Am I out of line?

life update.... Since I'm really bad at that

So! The last you heard of me, I was doubling over with pain in class and was going to see the doctor.

What has happened since then:

1) It was a kidney infection. I went on an IV and was ok. I am still fine.

2) I passed school with a GPA of 3.71

3) I have a wicked internship at a huge convention center that I love. More on that later

4) The Boy and I almost broke up several times

5) The Boy and I might break up for good

6) Spring had made me really sick and not be able to breathe, as per usual

7) it's currently snowing outside my window when three days ago it was 20 degrees (Celsius)

8) I'm going to learn Japanese

More on my internship: There are 8 of us: Boss, Sous Boss, the higher underlings Mama, Joe, and Aison, The Apprentices Ness, Mandy, and Dolly, and then the interns Cass and HD. It has been a rollercoaster. So far everyone but Mama likes Cass better which I hate. She always gets chosen for the cool stuff and I have to do the bitch work. I wouldn't mind doing the Bitch Work if she did too. But I would like to learn things too rather than scale, so give us turns, ok?

But Boss is going to teach me to do Fondant properly, and not her, which is pretty cool :)

OH! and 8) I get to do my cousin's wedding cake! YAY!!!

Umm, ya. That's it. I'm going to start posting prolly bi-weekly entries once I start learning Japanese. It's easier to learn something you teach rather than just something you learn. Feel free to learn a new language with me!


Just thought you all should see this

In Sonoma County, California, there lived an elderly couple who just happened to be a pair of gay men.  They'd been together for 20 years.  Clay was 77.  Harold was 88.  A nice retired couple enjoying a quiet life together in their golden years.  They had all their paperwork, powers of attorney, medical powers of attorney, and all that in place, so they could take care of each other when the time came.

And then the time came.  Harold got injured from a fall.  And placed in a nursing home.  That part is normal.  

What is NOT normal is that Clay, his loving partner in all things, was PREVENTED from even SEEING Harold.  Completely prevented.

In fact, the county went a step further and forcibly removed Clay from his home while he was still healthy and capable, and confined him to a nursing home.  A SEPARATE nursing home. 

Three months later, Harold died.  Clay never got to see him.

And all of their belongings?  The county auctioned them off.  Terminated their lease on their home.  Left Clay with nothing.

All the details can be found HERE.  Read it.  Read the court documents.  It'll infuriate you.

In this nation, the only minority that can still LEGALLY be discriminated against are GLBT folks.  Yes, discrimination still happens to other minorities, and it's always ALWAYS wrong, but if someone discriminates against you for your race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or other demographic status, there's legal recourse for you, because that discrimination is illegal.  And straight couples are allowed to marry and create families that aren't ripped apart by the government, by hospitals, or by other powers that be, regardless of their race or religion.  But gay folks... are still legally second-class citizens.  In this country, in most places, it's LEGAL for a company to fire you (or refuse to hire you) if they find out that you're gay.  You can be kicked out of your rental apartment or house if your landlord discovers that you're gay.  And that's only the tip of the iceberg.

It's too late for Harold and Clay.  It's not too late for the rest of us.  Speak up, act out, and don't stop until we have true equal rights for all citizens.

If that story infuriated you, as it should, please post this story on your LJ.  People need to know this side of the story.  They need to see that this is also the face of discrimination against gays.  Gay or straight, we'll all be old and grey someday.  When you're in those shoes (with orthopedic supports and all), imagine what it would be like to be forcibly separated from your spouse or partner like that.  We human beings need to be better to each other, and this is only one reason why.  But then, if you read that story and it didn't make you angry, just defriend me now.

Ugh... Life

I'm hurting. I have for the past couple days, but today it is so bad that Chef sent me home cause I'm pale and shaking from the pain. it's subsided slightly but it's worse today than it has been. I thought it was just trapped gas or something, but that should have dissipated.

I really hope I don't have appendicitis. That's been a fear of mine since I was little, lol.

I had a weird dream that, combined with the pain, wouldn't let me sleep. It was about some "Mirror World" where objects existed in the mirror world, so to save on furniture, one bought these special mirrors and placed them on ceilings to project the furniture. Or something. I don't really remember now hahaha.

Over reading week, the Boy said he wanted to "Take a break". But he sent me the TEXT after he left a movie night that I was having with him and a couple other people. So, I'm sitting with two friends when he texts me "I'm sick of myself, I think I need to take a break from seeing you"



So whilst crying on my mom's shoulder, he texts "I love you" Which made it hurt even more, like a stab in the heart. And I won't see him till today cause he's not coming back to Cow-Town till today cause his class isn't till tomorrow. But he keeps trying to text me and talk to me. It's upsetting me more cause he couldn't even do this to my face.

I don't want to lose him...

In other news, all I'm missing in class today is making Marzipan Fruit. Which looked like fun but not as fun as the cakes we get to do. Easter cakes!!! YAY!!!

Doing well besides all that and wanting to throw up lol.

On missing things (Pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain)

So I'm finding that I'm missing being a part of the Harry Potter fandom. And I wish the stories still gripped me and that the characters still interested me, but they just don't. And I wish they did because then I'd have more to read.

And I love the fandoms that i am a part of; Star Trek, Phineas and Ferb, South Park. I'm trying to get into Sherlock Holmes, but that requires, you know, book spending and all that. I'm almost broke so that's out of the question. And a lot of things I like are, for me, just not fandomable. The mentalist: I love it as a show and I love the characters, and while I am a member of the community, anything written there just doesn't hold the same thrill as watching the show. Avatar: Brilliant film, but I can't see myself even joining a comm.

And then the fandoms I am a part of are not near as frequent, or as plentiful, as HP. With HP there were countless sites simply dedicated to HP fic. Large portions of it were stuff that I read. Star Trek fandom? I like a good Kirk/Spock or Kirk/Bones any day, but my otp is Spock/Bones and there is not nearly enough of that. My fave in SP is Creek or KyMan or K2. But most of those are not really all that great, and some of the ones that are fantastic usually involve Style or Candy or some other form of 'Not right' in my eyes. Phineas and Ferb? Ok, I like the three prominent slashdoms: PF, PxD and Buford/Baljeet. But there are very few people my age interested enough in the fandom to write fics about it! There are several of us, but not nearly enough, IMHO.

I think I would have stuck with HP and added to my repertoire if HP7 hadn't sucked and blown. If she hadn't killed off my two favorite characters and hadn't made cannon seven so boring and OFF TOPIC I would have stayed with it. But I miss the vastness. All three of my major fandoms have about a sixteenth in total of what Drarry and Snarry there is.

I dunno. Just rambling. (Rabble rabble rabble!) Pay no attention. Just needed to get my thoughts down, you know?
Fish Custard

Wow, this went from happy to depressing rather quickly...

OK, so college is AWESOME!!! Loving living in Res, loving my class, loving the whole atmosphere! EVERYTHING AROUND ME IS MADE OF LOVE!!!

But... Ok, so I moved out to go to college. Which, you know, no big deal. But I didn't just move into the city that's by The Bubble. I moved away away. And everything has been awesome.

Only, this evening, a few hours ago, two of my roomates were talking about going out tonight. And ya, that's cool. I hope they have a lot of fun!

But it made me really miss my friends at home. And my boyfriend. I can't just call up the girls and say "Club tonight? We'll leave early casue we all have classes, but let's just go for a couple of hours and dance!" I can't just show up at my lover's house and just be with him for a while. I can't go play video-games with azalea_j   , or watch a movie in startrekcupcake 's basement, or go rollerblading for hours with the gay-boyfriend. I have friends here, sure. My room-mates and I get along great, and there're a couple of girls in my class that seem pretty sweet. But I really just want some familiar faces to just be around for a bit. Hell, I don't even need that. i need the option to do so. Because as much time as I spend on this blasted computer, I am a social being. I love being around people. And right now, I don't have anyone to be around. Two of my room-mates are from this city, so they have friends they can just go be with. And the last girl is a second year, so she has her friends from last year, even though she's from Saskatchewan. This is really hard for me. I hate that I don't have a job either, to keep me busy. Everyone's "hiring" but no-one's calling me back. I need money and I need a job that won't stress out my school work and I need a social life.

Going home this weekend for Thanksgiving, thank goodness. I'll have four days in which to see everyone I need. I hope.

I think I'm going to go cry and miss people for a while. It's like when the Gay-Boyfriend was off in France being French, only about 20 times worse.
Fish Custard

We’s gonna test this shit out!

Alright, so I Downloaded Windows Live, and one of the options was to add a program called “Writer”. Now, what is supposedly does is basically makes it so I open a program instead of leaving my friends list to post shit. Also, I can write a post, not finish, and come back to it later, save it rather than post it. I don’t really know if regular LJ does that…

Anyway, this is just a test. BLAH!

LiveJournal Tags:

ETA: Ya... tags... not so much. Oh well. Worth a shot!
Perry the Platypus not impressed

And then my friend decided to kill himself.

Well, I'm not sure. I'm awaiting a text from him. He won't answer his phone, but he's answering texts... sort of.

See, one of my friends got a facebook message from him saying he knew it wasn't getting any better, and that it wouldn't, and that he was sorry, and she was the only person he felt he could trust, and tell everyone I'm sorry and ect. The basis of a suicide note. Good times!

Ugh... I have to be awake for work in five hours I don't need to deal with this!!!

Locking comments

PS: I have received conformation that he's still alive. For now. He's feeling very alone... I want to go to him, give him a hug...

But he's in  Newfoundland  Toronto

For two weeks...

Ok, so, he's promised to go straight to sleep and text me when he wakes up.

Un-locked comments. Does anyone have advice for me?!?!?! Like, do I push him to see someone like he's been saying he wants to? Should I let him talk to me? Should I force him to talk to someone? I'm at a loss...