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A FRIENDS IN NEED IS A.... You know what... Just... no.

Good day to you, Friends! I realized I have been absolute fail at updating my life. Not that much happens. I wake up, I go to work, I go home, I go out or turn on the laptop, I go to sleep.

Also made of fail is my wheatgrass. It keeps dying. I don't know how to fix it. I don't know why it keeps doing so. I've done everything it said. FML

And now for the bit I need your help for!!

I have an urge to make masks. However, I am the most un-creative person when it comes to crafts. I have six blank eye masks, like in The Incredibles, only white, I need some ideas on what to decorate them as. PLZKTHXBI

In other news, I'm cleaning my room today. Thank you to the little sister for the helping!!!
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Every time we're together, it gets harder and harder to not do something stupid. I just want... well, I want to not want, first of all, but I want to be wanted, I suppose.

I don't even know what I'm talking about I guess. New Boy is tall, red headed, bug hands, thick, black-rimmed glasses, a total dork, but sooooooo cute. <3

This daily dose of stupid was brought to you by:
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The Wheatgrass wagon

I have jumped on. I am going to take about an ounce of Wheatgrass every day and record what happens. I`ll record it all down on paper, then I`ll post my findings once a week.

Today is: Monday, May 18, 2009
Weight: 145.4
Complexion: Fair. A little splotchy, a little oily, but no more than usual
Overall feeling: After the wheatgrass, a little ill to the stomach, btu nothing to worry about.
Planned activities for the day: Cleaning my room, DDR, and work
How I have slipped: None yet, but as I work in a bakery, I have a feeling I will be snapping my elastic quite a bit.

Oh! That`s something else I`m doing! Whenever I go to eat a doughnut, a cookie, whipped cream, something bad for me, I snap my elastic around my wrist. It hurts, and I don`t like pain. So if it`s bad for me, it hurts me. My wrist hurts a lot, but I`ve dropped, now, 15 pounds just from that alone. 135, here I come!
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life stuff.

SO, a few things have happened to me in the last little bit.

1) I dyed my hair. It's got some blonder streaks in, and some purple-y red thing going on at the back. IT IS LOVE!!!

2) Got me a new laptop, and it is a tablet. I don't do a lot of drawing, but this may inspire me to do more. I R EXCITED!!!

And now, a poll.

Poll #1397474 At the movies...

Do you

Like to cry a little?
Like to Laugh a lot?
like to Be on the edge of your seat?
Like a storyline that actually works?
Like good, no, GREAT actors?
Like amazing special effects?
Like M/M pre-slash?
Like Star Trek?
If you checked even ONE of those, then go see Star Trek. I don't care if Star Wars was better in your eyes. GO FUCKING SEE IT! Just go. NOW! Srsly. I'm not joking, it was the most EPIC movie I've seen in a long time. I am now going to Download all the seasons and watch them in a straight period.

Life continues, and I'm loving it.

32 more days!!! Not like I'm counting or anything...

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Well, HD had the weekend of ultimate FAIL

I was ashamed to be the leader of my girls this weekend. Let us leave it at that.


(And this is something I really need help on)

I'm writing some original fiction. My main characters are based off of real people that I have twisted to fit my sick heart and brain. The first character transfered into the town in the middle of sixth grade. He is socially awkward, so he never made any friends in the last part of sixth grade, and was shy enough to not be overly active in middle school. 

The second character is good at everything. Actually. I knew a guy like that. He played four instruments, sang, had great grades, was the star in almost every drama play, was in Leadership, and was a super good and happy guy.

Now, what I want to know is, what would be a more interesting character to oppose the super shy guy?

Hmm... male opposite....

Super happy-go-lucky never does anything wrong
Pust on a happy front, but doesn't really have any friends because they all idol him and think he's too perfect
Is actually an emotional wreck, and unless he's surrounded by people, it's obvious of his pain
Other, and I'll comment to let you know :)
I want to get started on this. I kind of have a start going, but that may change depending which is a better opposite.

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So, apperantly Amazon was wanting to be hurt on hardcore. I have been absant from the internet while my computer heals from it's wounds, and this, this and this is what happens.

Honestly, internet, why spring this on me?

It doesn't really affect me casue I don't really use Amazon. Unless there's a book I can't get in store, and even then, I usually order it through Chapters