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I give you these words as you go away

Okuru Kotoba

HD Darkensaw
12 April
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HI DEE HO THERE! HAYLEE DARKENSAW HERE! I am addicted to literature. Not just fanfiction, although that is what I read most. There is a reason for it! I get new stuff on a regular basis by reading fanfiction. And books cost money. Unless I get them as presents. In which case I read books! If you haven't read Orison Scott Card's "Ender's Game" then GO DO OT NAO!! And when you're done that, you should read "Pathfinder". My current most dominant fandom in life is Merlin (bbc), close second being Star Trek, Phineas and Ferb (No, no I'm not too old, shut up!), and South Park. In roughly that order.

I've also opened up a new Jourmal for any and all Fic writing that I'm doing. Sometimes I'll post links to them here, but most of the time, I'll just post them to the respective fandom posts. If you want to friend my fanfic page feel free! hddarkensaw.livejournal.com

City life continues to be amazing, and I'm so happy that I live where I do.

I'll be 21 in April. Holy crap, I'm getting old.

I'm Canadian. I don't really know about the quality of the beer, though, seeing as I don't like it. Haha. I also hate hockey. I know, what kind of Canadian am I?

Rap annoys me, country music makes me want to kill small puppies.

My plans to open a bakery are slowly solidifying. I'm thinking I want to move to Vancouver to do it. I met a lady who has a home busness. She suggested going to Farmer's Markets and getting your name out forst. I think that'll be my plan to start. Or not, who knows. It depends how much money I have after Adventur: The Epicness

After I finish my schooling, I have a world tour planned where I work for 6 months at a time in different places. Has anyone done that? Advice? Any places you think I should go? My list includes Italy, France, Belgum, Germany, and Japan.